The modern world seems to both grow bigger by the day and smaller by the hour; innovation and invention continue to push the boundaries of human ingenuity, improving the lives of many. But with that wildfire innovation comes uncertainty, and with uncertainty, risk. Our world is overlaid a thousand times over with new and emerging environmental stressors like pesticides in our food, lead and agricultural runoff in our water, and, in just the past generation, manmade electromagnetic fields in the space all around us. These outside stressors influence human biology and can induce adverse health effects in some people.

So, what can individuals living amidst this environmental morass do to protect their health? One answer is to make changes to your own habits, in your own home environments, in real-time. These changes can add up to adaptive changes in your biology—changes that will help your body win the constant battle of damage (and illness) versus compensation (and good health).

Going forward, this blog will help to inform you of healthful ways to adjust to the new world around us.

Onward and Upward,

The Adaptation Project Team